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The Ultimate Guide

To Transforming Your Body, Mind & Soul


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Say Hello to 8020 App

Do you often find that well-being takes a back seat when life gets hectic?

Are you yearning for a well-deserved break, a chance to take on new challenges, or to connect with like-minded individuals?

Perhaps you're a forward-thinking company looking to prioritise wellness for your employees.

Then Look No further!

8020 Lifestyle App Features


User-Friendly Interface


Community Page


Mindfulness Talks


Wellness Resources


Progress Tracking


Delicious Recipes


Private Messaging


Live Sessions


Instructor Interaction

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Read the reviews

Quotation Mark

Experience, Knowledge, Inspiration - Iain has bundles of it, it doesn’t seem to run out. Different approaches, yeah he has that too so the only option is winning!

Sam Williams

Quotation Mark

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise, but I know it has to be done. I felt emotional when it ended and can’t wait to do another.

LJ Stacey

Quotation Mark

Iain wants you to reach your goals and succeed, his emotional input, along with his expertise in the field helps you to conquer anything.

Lyndsey Barrett

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A little

about us..

At 8020 Lifestyle, we're rewriting the script on well-being, offering a no-fuss, real-world approach. We understand that health is a journey, wellness is a lifestyle, and feeling good is the ultimate goal. Imagine a space where well-being is more personal than clinical. Our offerings include services, products, and expert guidance, all tailored for individuals who want to embrace life to the fullest without getting lost in complicated jargon. Let us introduce you to the 8020 method: dedicating 80% of your focus to health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and quality sleep – the essentials. And what about the remaining 20%? It's all about indulging in the good stuff – whether that's a cheeky cocktail or whatever brings you joy!

Mark your calendars for the early launch of our app in 2024. Get ready to embark on "The Process," a transformative 12-day plan designed to ignite positive changes in your life. But that's not all – our tailored subscription plans are here to join you on your journey, with options like gourmet meal deliveries and soul-soothing mindfulness sessions, unlocking the keys to your inner harmony.

It's time to march to the rhythm of your own life, and with 8020 Lifestyle, balanced living takes centre stage – no drama, just you, us, and perhaps a few furry companions. After all, life is all about balance!





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